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3 Healthy Chicks are Gettin’ Crafty!

Before anything else, I’m an artist.  All my life I’ve been a mixed media artist who dabbles in a bit of everything when it comes to art.  Lauren’s Design, has not been as productive as it’s been in the past years because my energy is now flowing into other areas like yoga, health counseling and my new position as Wellness Director at Amscan, Inc.  I’ve been able to spend some time crafting for 3 Healthy Chicks though!  Check out 3 Healthy Chick’s Etsy page to see some of where my artistic energy has been going.  I’m slowing creating more and more goodies for our site.  They are all handmade, with loads of thought and love in each piece.  We also have a fun Cafepress page where you can purchase some 3HC branded items to sport around town!

Of course, I will keep you posted on any new jewelry or art I’ve been designing for Lauren’s Design, but be sure to check 3HC’s Etsy page for more of my updated new pieces in the meantime!  Thank you!

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